Gourmonade Sample Pack


Gourmonade is a premium gourmet lemonade company founded by Vicktor Stevenson. His dream is to provide the world with the finest lemonades made with thoughtfully sourced ingredients.

We’re doing a small part by introducing you to Gourmonade because here at CAN CAN, we wholeheartedly believe in equality. Black Bay Area business owners need our support. Food and beverage entrepreneurs are passionate, hard working and resilient. Vicktor has all of these traits yet he still has to work harder and have more resilience. Let’s do our part and support our fellow juice maker as well as other Bay Area Black chefs and food makers. Check out this Forbes article featuring Vicktor and 7 other Black Bay Area chefs.

Please join us in supporting Gourmonade by purchasing the BEST LEMONADE in the world!

*100% of the sales go directly to Gourmonade*

Sampler 4 Pack includes one of each flavor (10 oz bottles):

Gourmonade ~ Our full-bodied classic lemonade strikes the perfect balance between sweet and sour. Simply made with 3 ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic lemon juice, filtered water, organic cane sugar

The Ginger ~ Gourmet lemonade and fresh hand squeezed ginger provide the perfect protection from the elements. Sweet, sour, spicy and refreshing.

Ingredients: Organic lemon juice, ginger, filtered water, organic cane sugar

Beymonade ~ Strawberry puree floats atop our hand-squeezed gourmet lemonade, mingling together to take you on a trip to strawberry fields.

Ingredients: Organic lemon juice, organic strawberry puree, filtered water, organic cane sugar

Blueberry Basil ~ Real blueberries you can taste and basil you can smell. Refreshing and delicious. Summer special!

Ingredients: Organic lemon juice, organic blueberry puree, organic basil, filtered water, organic cane sugar

*Please note, flavors may vary based on availability and season.


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